Choosing the Best Medical Alert System for Your Senior Loved One


Having older adults at home is something that can be worrying. As people who love our family, there is nothing wrong about this. Being anxious about their well-being is something that can happen, especially if you don’t live close to each other.

To ease these worries away, you can make use of medical alert systems. With many seniors having medical conditions that need emergent care and weaker bodies that might bring quick injuries and falls, carers and family members should always be ready.

What are the medical alert systems and which one should you get? Keep on reading to find out.

Medical Alert Systems and How They Work

Having a medical alert system can enable seniors to contact authorities immediately in times of trouble. Aside from the support a senior adult can get in times of medical emergencies, these devices also offer additional support in the case of a natural disaster, fire, accident, or home invasion.

Usually, they are accessories with a wearable component like a belt clip, bracelet, or necklace with an emergency button. Once the user clicks the button, a trigger will send a notification to a monitoring center and family member contacts installed in the device.

Some devices also exhibit a two-way communication speaker as well, so the senior adult will be able to express what they are feeling right away.

Top 5 Medical Alert Systems

Best Customer Service: Bay Alarm Medical

The Bay Alarm Medical GPS Help Button is an alert device that a senior can take with them anywhere. They offer various features and packages where you can pick between an in-home medical alert, mobile GPS help button, in-care medical alert, or all of them.

The best part about Bay Alarm Medical’s offerings is that they have a specific device for car-related emergencies. You can charge it easily on the cigarette lighter plug in your car. If a senior needs help, a simple press of a button will suffice. Plus, in the case of a medical emergency, this device will automatically contact a live emergency operator.

Recently, Bay Alarm also introduced an SOS Smartwatch. It comes in a sleek and discreet style that will make other people think that it’s just your ordinary smartwatch. Aside from the usual SOS button, it also comes with sleep trackers, two-way speakers, and an easy-to-use touchscreen.

Another thing that sets Bay Alarm Medical apart from its competitors is their stellar customer service performance. On its website, you can enjoy a LiveChat box for customers and interested applicants. Plus, they have a hotline you can call seven days a week.

Beyond their different plans, you can also order some extra features like wall-mounted buttons, a lock box that emergency medical services (EMS) can access, extra wearable buttons, and artist-designed pendants for a personal touch.


  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • Affordable plans
  • Landline and mobile monitoring
  • Mobile and in-home package
  • Reaches up to 1,000 foot coverage


  • Additional fee for mobile coverage
  • No voice control

Best Value for Money: GetSafe

With the tagline “the medical system you don’t have to wear”, GetSafe gives a modern approach to the usual emergency monitoring systems. What GetSafe provides is in-home protection that is powered by voice-activated medical systems.

GetSafe was built by home security industry professionals, so they applied similar themes and technologies to combine security, protection, and the ultimate customer experience.

In this type of system, you can expect a passive device, eliminating having something stuck hanging around your neck. Though they still give a complementary button on a lanyard, their main service involves two-speakers on a well, that will not force people to wear a device if they are uncomfortable.


  • A medical alert system that you don’t need to wear
  • 30-day risk-free trial
  • No installation fees
  • A device you can install on your own


  • No coverage for on-the-go users
  • Larger packages come with higher charges
  • No support for other languages aside from English

Best for Two-Way Communication: RescueTouch

Created by a former EMT, RescueTouch came from the belief that a swift emergency response is essential for a person’s career. These devices target senior adults to ensure that they are safe, while ensuring that they can enjoy a better quality of life.

By operating under different priorities and principles, RescueTouch offers unique features in their devices, most of which are uncommon in the industry. First off, they highly value portability with their SOS pendant. Plus, it offers an easy two-way calling feature that is ideal for seniors who want an easy way to connect with their loved ones.

With every purchase from RescueTouch, the user can opt to register five emergency contact numbers to call whenever they need. On the other side, loved ones can call the senior adult, too, as their device will come with a personalized number, just like a cellphone.


  • An option to go with monitored and unmonitored plans
  • Unique two-way communication feature
  • User rates will never increase with a lifetime price-lock
  • Most plans featuring fall location detection


  • No in-home device available
  • Subscription comes with a one-time equipment purchase fee

Best for Customized Needs: Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian delivers something extra special by offering customers a long list of different features. First thing to note is that they offer six types of devices to choose from and they all go beyond the standard emergency monitoring.

You can get a Medical Guardian device starting from a payment of $29.95 per month. However, you will not be required to provide installation fees or device activation fees. If you want to get a good deal, you can go for an annual payment method instead.

The six different systems you can go with range from in-home systems, an AT&T powered cellular network, a family package, out-of-home mobile system, a water resistant device for those who have a more active lifestyle, and a smartwatch kind of alert device.

For additional fees, you can also enjoy a lockbox for emergency personnel, a mounted wall button for high risk areas, and a voice-activated button.


  • A good variety of device options
  • A free caregiver portal
  • No activation fees or new device fees
  • Lots of premium features


  • Shipping fees may be charged based on location
  • Most mobile systems are more expensive

Best for Seniors with Active Lifestyles: MobileHelp

MobileHelp was one of the shining brands for medical alert systems because they were one of the first who offered in-home, on-the-go, and combination packages. The company offers two different at-home systems, one GPS system, and bundled options that spouses can share.

The most unique feature from MobileHelp is the affordable options for mobile devices. Especially beneficial if a senior doesn’t have a landline at home, MobileHelp’s products offer competitive packages.

Aside from this package, they offer amazing and useful add-ons like a lockbox with EMS access, a wall-mounted help button, jewelry pendants, customizable medication reminders, and a service plan called MobileHelp Connect Premium that offers special discounts and device replacements for a small added price.


  • A range of premium features
  • No extra charges for cellular connection
  • No landline required with any device
  • Multiple on-the-go options
  • Medical alert smartwatches


  • Fall detection not available for all devices
  • Activation fee may be required
  • Limited smartwatch function

How to Choose the Best Medical Alert System

Before you start a subscription with a medical alert system, there are things you should look into first. Here are some of them:

Verify Company’s Transparency

When signing up for different subscription plans, you need something with transparency especially with the information on services, the fine print, and all of the possible fees you have to pay. If you don’t get everything you need online, try speaking with a company representative. If they can’t answer your questions, it might do you good to choose a different one.

Search For Customer Reviews

If you want to get to know a company, the first thing you should do is see what their actual customers think. Check different review websites like Google to see what they think about the company.

Put Comfort and Convenience as Your Priority

A medical alert system will work only if your senior loved one wears it. Therefore, it is important to put their comfort into consideration. Identify which ones are more comfortable and lightweight to wear. Whether they will be worn around the neck, wrist, or waist, put comfort into top priority.

Look At The Device’s Battery Life

Without properly working batteries, a medical alert system will be useless. If you will get a portable medical alert system for the seniors in your home, make sure batteries last a long time and charging time will be quick.

If your senior loved one has weaker memory, try to get a system with battery monitoring, so you can help remind them of keeping their device charged.

Medical alert systems are a necessity for seniors. Don’t hesitate to grab one for your senior adult relative as this is essential to keep them safe and ease your worries away.

If we missed anything, feel free to let us know in the comments below!


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