How to Add IDM to Chrome (Automatic Download Link Detection)

Internet Download Manager

How to Add IDM to Chrome (Automatic Download Link Detection)

Besides being able to be used for browsing, Chrome can also be used to download something. With the help of a tool called IDM or Internet Download Manager, downloading can be done by these tools.

If you feel that IDM really helps your downloads, so that you can get more leverage, you can download this tool on the Windows operating system. The price is just $ 29.95.

Besides being able to download on Windows, you can also download this IDM extension through the Chrome Web Store. But unfortunately, the IDM tools that are there are the most recent versions of IDM. If you want to install an old version of IDM, you can install it manually.

The existence of the IDM extension greatly affects the work of your Google Chrome downloads.

For that, this tool must be installed in the Google Chrome software. But for some cases, it’s not uncommon for this IDM extension to not be installed on Google Chrome.

Let’s say that the tool doesn’t appear or is corrupted. Can be caused by a thing. But don’t worry, because there is a solution to solve this problem.

Namely by adding another IDM extension so that this tool can stick again to your Google Chrome.

To install it, you don’t need the help of other applications. So you can run this tutorial without having to download any software again.

How to Install IDM Extension on Google Chrome

First, open your Google Chrome software. Then enter this link chrome://extensions on Google Chrome search URL box. Press enter. After the new page opens, first check whether the IDM extension is still attached to the Google Chrome application or not.

If it’s still installed you can simply uninstall it by pressing the trash can icon.

However, if IDM is not installed, you will continue by opening the folder where IDM is installed. For those who are confused, usually, the folder is in ‘ C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager’.

After entering the folder, find the file with the name IDMGCExt.crx then drag it to the extension settings page on Google Chrome.

Later a confirmation button will appear, just click Add Extension to add IDM extensions there. Wait for the process to finish. If so, the IDM extension will appear in your Google Chrome settings. Don’t forget to click ‘Enable’ to make the IDM extension work properly on your device. Done.

Besides being able to replace a damaged Internet Download Manager, this method can also be used to deal with problems such as the download button not appearing, or the emergence of automatic downloads that like to appear suddenly. But if the method above can’t solve your problem, you should update your IDM extension to the latest version by downloading it on the Chrome Web Store.

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We recommend that you use the method that is permitted or official so that the results can be good.

Fortunately, before you buy this tool, you are authorized to operate free for 30 days (trial) when you first install it. At least that way you can experiment.

And enjoy IDM for free for 1 month to help download for those of you who are download maniacs.

IDM itself has several advantages in terms of the download process. It can download 5 times faster than not using Internet Download Manager.

It also has a resume feature, which is useful for making scheduled downloads. So you don’t have to bother running downloads one by one.

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