How to Open a Stack-On Gun Safe Without the Key?

How to Open a Stack-On Gun Safe Without the Key?

A gun safe is a place where you can hide your necessary and expensive items and obviously the firearms. This is extremely secure and no one can’t get access without the exact keywords. But, sometimes some people won’t get access because they forget the password. In such a situation, you have to follow some alternative ways to unlock the gun safe. So, this is a question of almost all Americans who use gun safes frequently. Today let’s talk about it.

Using a manual override key: With every gun safe, the manufacturers provide a manual override key. Basically, the manufacturers don’t want their customers to suffer if they forget the keyword, by any chance. That’s why they provide this key. If you are the owner of the safe or if you have the authorization, it is normal that you will know where the override key is. So, it’s easy for you to open the gun safe using the override keys. If you have a stack- on gun safe, keep your manual override key safe. This will make your job easy in the absence of the master keys.

Using a paperclip to pick the locks: This method is for the people who forget their password and lost the override key as well. This is a very usual scene in many Hollywood movies where the gun safe’s locks are opened in this way. This is a very simple but time-consuming process. You have to be passionate to be successful in this way. You just need to straighten the paper clip and enter into the safes lock. Try to understand the mechanism and keep moving the clip. If you succeed, you will definitely hear a click sound.

Using a rare earth magnet: This method of unlocking a gun safe is very time-consuming. You have to spend lots of time to be successful. You have to use a rare earth magnet to unlock the safe. This rare-earth magnet is very powerful and it can even break a finger. There is a metal called solenoid used to control the locking mechanism. You have to put the magnet in a sock so that you won’t get hurt when opening the door. You have to keep the magnet on the safe surface and pull it. If you’re lucky enough, the lock can be opened.

Drop the safe multiple times: Dropping the safe to unlock is a very weird but effective option. This is actually a hack suggested by the manufacturers and it actually works. You just need to cover the safe surface so that it won’t get damaged while dropping. Then drop the safe from a one-inch height. If the safe doesn’t open, try it from a two-inch height. If the safe doesn’t open yet, try it till the five feet. Hopefully, it will open. If not, try other options.

Using mathematics and logic: This process of unlocking the gun safe is a bit filmy. You will see to unlock the safe by listening to the sound of the safe. This is the same process. You just need to do the job with great patience. You need a stethoscope, paper and pen for this method. Close your eyes, try to hear to the click sound when you press the buttons. If you hear the sound, note down the number and try those later. You have a chance of opening the safe. If not, try something else.

Call a locksmith as a final resort: We have already told you about all the possible techniques of opening the gun safe if you forget the password. If all those don’t come to work, there is nothing left to do. It’s time to call a Locksmith to open the lock. They can open the lock without making any harm to your gun safe. So, you have to do it, anyhow.

Gun safes are extremely secure so that people can’t open them without a password. But, this extremely secure way can be problematic for you if you forget the keyword. But, you have nothing to do except following some techniques to open it as we discussed above.


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