Show Off Your Home with These Easy Exterior Lighting Tips

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Show Off Your Home with These Easy Exterior Lighting Tips

If you have bought a new home or constructed it yourself, you would have tried your best to make your dream home come true. You know it could be worthless for you or your family members when it does not have a curb appeal or an attractive look from the outside, apart from the inside. And you know an exterior appeal comes from proper lighting and well maintenance of the building’s outer part, as it helps you show off your home. Here are some useful tricks for your support:  

Light up the front door 

Most of you, homeowners, do not pay utmost attention to brighten up the front door of your abode. It would help if you never ignored illuminating your front entrance. And for this, you can use a set of unique outdoor wall lights to create a focal point at the primary door of your abode. In this regard, you can opt for installing hanging porch lights, wall sconces, or outdoor lanterns. With this, you will be successful in leaving good impressions on people visiting you and your neighbours. Apart from increasing the front lighting, your front door’s illumination will add a layer of security to your abode.

Brighten up the area from the pavement to the main entrance 

Is the space between the street/road and your primary entrance ample? If yes, pay attention to illuminating each step from the pavement to the door. Light up at least each other action if you can’t light up each stage in that area. Take every possible effort to minimise slip accidents and trip in the dark. And for this, you should opt for having additional lights for anything unusual in the design of your garden – low walls, walkway levels, or structural quirks. With proper lighting, you can guide your visitors to have easy access to the front entrance of your home. And for this, you can select wall lights, recessed ground lights, or exterior column lamp to highlight the way to your main entrance. 

Create focal points in the garden

To be in the spotlight, you need to do something different from others. Apply the same trick while lighting your home if you want to show it off to others. Use the existing plants of your front yard garden as a base for creating night-time interest and some drama to the appearance of your abode from the outside. Look for the structured plants that you can quickly transform into a visual spectacle for others at night. Apart from Italian cypresses, agave and yucca plants are the ones you can use to install up-lighters and create an appealing atmosphere to the front of your home.

Light your garage too 

Apart from being a question of aesthetics and style, illuminating your garage front is a topic of personal safety. Having it dark there, you couldn’t access the path from your home to the garage or vice versa well at night. It is possible that you could fall after getting a hit from an object in the dark. Ensure that the entire path between your home and garage is well lit. And for this, you can install high pole lamps, lumen output lights, or floodlights. 

Install security lighting 

Keep in mind that a well-lit abode makes it hard for a thief to have access to it. Dark nooks & crannies and shadows are the favourite places for robbers, thieves, burglars, and ill-minded people, as these places are the haven for them after doing a crime. It would help if you opted for installing an extensive array of exterior lights around your abode, garden, garage, and other parts of your residential complex. For better security, you can install lights with sensors. The sensors will help you know that someone has entered your residential complex. For such lighting, you can come across numerous outdoor lamp options with high-security features. 


It’s you who has to make it clear how to light and secure your home from both outside and inside. And lighting it well helps you a lot. However, for showing your home off, you can use the outdoor lighting ideas mentioned above, apart from indoor lighting. You can apply other concepts of your choice if you think you should do something different while lighting your home externally. 


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