What ear protection does the military use?

What ear protection does the military use?

There is always a sense of amazement about the lives of the military personnel in the minds of the common people. And it is prevalent in hearing protection too. You must have seen in many places, and we also recommend that you use hearing protection while shooting or hunting. But what about the military who are always in a combat mode and need to use the gun frequently? Yes, they too use hearing protection while firing to prevent the damage of their ears. For the past several years, the Army has been developing and deploying a headset called TCAPS, which stands for Tactical Communication and Protective System, that is built using high-end technology. The TCAPS is nothing but hearing protection designed to protect the hearing of the soldiers.

The Army developed the headset following a Department of Veterans Affairs report. The report stated pinpointed tinnitus and hearing loss as the most common service-related disabilities among veterans and a high-tech hearing protection system was needed that can deaden loud noises while also improving ambient sounds that are necessary for situational awareness. Soldiers around the world are issued foam earplugs to protect their hearing. However, few wear ear protection because it blocks all noise and makes it difficult to hear. Especially in the battlefields, it is very important to hear commands and listen for both friendly and enemy troop movements. As a result of not using hearing protection, many soldiers suffer from hearing loss both during and after their service terms.

The TCAPS costs around $2,000 and looks like a typical earbud with customizable foam inserts for different ear canals. It also contains a loop to hold it securely to the ear and has a sophisticated technology inside it that can detect high decibel noises. The device reduces those noises and lowers their intensity, so they are received within normal ranges. The headset also can pick up soft background sounds and amplify them that will immensely help the soldiers and save a massive chunk of the $1.1 billion that was paid out for hearing-related injuries per year.

Apart from the features as discussed above, the TCAPS unit also has some convenience features like it can be charged using traditional AC outlets, vehicle batteries, and even solar power. Also, it can connect to smartphones, radios, and other communication gear to make the communication smooth and relaxing. The company called Invisio produces the headset for the military and currently holds several patents covering audio and headset technology. They also supply similar communication systems to law enforcement agencies throughout the world.

The TCAPS were first introduced in 2014, and thousands of units were deployed to soldiers in military bases throughout the U.S., including Fort Bliss, Texas, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Kentucky, and New York, to name a few. The design and utility of the headset were so good that the headset was well received by the soldiers who praised it for its comfort and protection.

The best advantage that this device has is that it can connect to their tactical radio, communicate with other soldiers on the ground, and is far better than the basic foam ear pro protection that they received earlier.

Overall, the military personnel is receiving a good quality hearing protection that is very much essential considering the work they do and the circumstances they are in, to protect their country and themselves.


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